Overview on Configuration section in Settings


  • Enable/Disable output caching throughout your site. Set output cache timeout.
  • Clear the cache files on each domain.

Developer Downloads: Get developer related file downloads for your site build.

  • Agility.Web.dll: The Agility CMS .NET API for communication with the Agility Content Server from your website.
  • Agility.UGC.API.js: The JavaScript SDK for accessing the Agility UGC instance.
  • AgilityAPI.svc:  The Service Endpoint file that can be placed in the website root to access the WCM OData API.
  • Agility.UGC.API.WCF:  SOAP SDK for accessing the Agility UGC Service using WCF.
  • Content Definition API: Used to implement strongly typed API requests along with the Agility.Web. Contains a series of C# partial classes that contain all properties for all content definitions and module definitions defined in this instance.

Digital Channels: Configure the channels that your content will be published to.  E.g. Website, Mobile, etc.

External File Storage: Configure an external file storage location.

  • External file storage allows you to store the Documents and Attachments for your website in Amazon S3. In addition to this, you can specify an edge caching server address.

Global Configuration: Agility Content Manager global settings.

  • Website Display Name: Used for website name in outgoing emails.
  • Website URL: Used for links in outgoing emails.
  • From Address:
  • Reply Address:
  • Support Email:
  • Website Error Emails:
  • Moderation From Address:
  • Moderation Reply Address:
  • Moderation BCC Address:
  • Default Language:
  • Include language code in URL:

Languages: Manage the languages your site can be viewed in.  Each configured language is defined by a language code.

Linked Websites: Configure the linked websites, allowing users to copy content and definitions from one website to another.

Reports: Configure and setup custom reports for your site.

Web Servers: Configure and setup the web servers your site is configured on.

  • This is the list of servers Agility is going to trigger a sync. Each server can be deactivated and have a specific language by default.

User Generated Content & Website Users: Configure User Generated Content and Website Users.

  • Amazon S3 File Storage: Bucket, Base Url, Access Key, Edge Url, Use Custom Amazon S3 Account
  • YouTube Settings (Optional): Application Name, User Name, Password, API Key, Specify the action which should happen if a record with a YouTube video is declined,  Specify the action which should happen if a record with a YouTube video is deleted.
  • Flickr Settings (Optional): API Key, API Secret, User Name
  • Ooyala Settings (Optional): Partner Code, Secret Code
  • Brightcove Settings (Optional): Read Token, Write Token, Specify the action which should happen if a record with a Brightcove video is declined, Specify the action which should happen if a record with a Brightcove video is deleted.
  • Illegal Words Filter: Enforce illegal word protection on all fields?
  • Abuse Reporting: Maximum record abuse report count   

Web Logs: View the website logs for each configured domain.



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