Extensionless URLs

Extensionless URLs can now be enabled to allow Agility to process extensionless URLs. For WebForms sites, this means the common .ASPX extension will no longer be necessary. Most MVC websites have already had this advantage.

Caution: Changing your site to handle Extensionless URLs will not automatically change any existing links to *.aspx URLs. These will still continue to be processed by Agility. For example http://website.com/home and http://website.com/home.aspx will be processed and return the same page. This could also potentially be an SEO issue as both URLs can be different and still return the same content.


How To: Enable Extenstionless URLs

In order to enable extenstionless URLs, you must download the latest Agility.Web.dll which can be found here.  Your site must also be running in IIS Integrated Mode in addition to checking the box labelled Extenstionless URLs which can be found in Settings > Global Configuration.


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