Developer 101

Finally - a content management system built with developers in mind. No rigid templates or out-of-the-box code that needs to bend and twist to your will. With Agility CMS, you can let your imagination and creativity flow freely. With some basic training and best practices, provided in the Developer 101 section, you’ll be up and developing on Agility CMS in no time.

The Developer 101 section is designed for developers who are relatively new to Agility CMS or are interested in learning more about how Agility CMS works. This section walks through the fundamentals and introduces the two main components of Agility CMS: Web Content Management and User Generated Content. The Developer 101 section continues by introducing the key points around setting up your Agility CMS instance. There is also an introduction of the Sample Site generated by Agility which will highlight some of the features and flexibility of Agility CMS.

Within each section there are labs, through which you can apply the principles introduced. The labs use the sample site as a benchmark, so if you are not currently working with an Agility CMS instance or simply want to practice outside of your existing Agility CMS instance, you sign up for a free trial of the sample site here.

We strongly recommend reviewing this entire section, before starting to work with Agility CMS.


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