Agility Technical Overview

Agility CMS is a Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) solution and is hosted in Windows Azure. This means that there is no installation required and the only downloads necessary are the tools for connecting to our APIs. These are set up and configured in our sample site to help you get going more quickly.


The content manager is accessed via a web browser and serves as a central point for configuring and managing content, as well as managing servers to which content is synchronized and other advanced settings specific to your Agility instance.

Publishing content in Agility triggers the synchronization process, which sends a message to each of your configured web servers instructing them to contact the Agility content service to pull the latest content (as a delta). When each web server pulls content down, it stores it in Content directory as serialized bin files. This means that your website will serve content directly from its own physical disk, rather than fetching over the web.

Running a local version of your website in development mode (discussed in more detail later) allows you to see all content from your Agility instance, regardless of whether it is published. For improved performance in this scenario a development site will still pull content from a local cache, but the development toolbar that appears on your website allows you to force the content to refresh from the main content service. Our sample site is configured in development by default to more accurately reflect normal development processes.


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