User Generated Content 101

The User Generated Content (UGC) component makes up the other side of Agility along with the Web Content Manager. The UGC component was built to give developers a flexibile and fast way of storing content that is sourced from the user of a website. This can range from something as simple as polling or voting system, to something more complex like forums, blogs, or photo and video journals.

In addition to the basic collection and storage of data, UGC includes functionality for Profiles that link data created by a specific user together, workflows and mechanisms for approving content before it is published, and the ability to automatically un-publish content if it is flagged as abusive by other users or contains abusive words. It also has an open API that is compatible with all programming languages, so you can use it as a back-end for a system in, PHP, Flash, or other technology.  

This section introduces connectivity options for the UGC components, and discusses how it can be used to create simple data tables and user profiles.


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