Development Environments

Agility websites are just like any other ASP.Net website - they can be run locally on your development machine or in a web server.  On your local machine, they run in Development Mode, and on a server they are in Live mode.  Click here for a more in-depth explanation of those modes.

When you run your local website in development mode, you can use the IIS Development Server, IIS Express, or your local IIS environment.  Basically, it's whatever you are most comfortable with, but when we here at Agility build sites, we nearly always use our local IIS and run the site as a top level web site or web application.

This means that your site will act more like it will when it is deployed on the server.  You can even use a domain name that will more closely resemble the actual site, you just need to add it to your local host file.

Setting up your local IIS 7 Instance

Once you get your code files in please on your local machine, you can setup an IIS website to point to them.  Open IIS Manager and click "Add Web Site..." 

IIS - new web site

Next you choose a website name, add a host header, and point it to the correct folder.  Notice that the Application Pool you choose is based on whether you have a Classic Mode Agility site (upgraded from IIS 6) or the newer-style integrated mode.  


Web Forms Sites

If you are in classic mode, use the "Classic" app pool, and the Agility HTTP Module needs to be declared in the system.web/httpModules section.


If you are in integrated mode, use the "Default" app pool, and the HTTP Module needs to be declared in the system.webServer section.


MVC Sites

If you are building an Agility site with MVC, you don't need to add the Agility HTTP Module, you just need to make sure that they global.asax has the Agility routes added as below.



This DLL is the key to Agility website development.  It contains the API classes that you will call into to load data into your website and route your pages.  We update this assembly regularly with our Agility releases, so be sure you are working from the latest version based on the Developer Download section of the Agility settings in the Content Manager.




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