UGC APIs & SDKs Overview

There are several APIs for User Generated Content built into Agility. A summary of each is below:


The core UGC API allows you to create custom record types (similar to content definitions) and then read/write data from your website

Feedback API

The User Generated Content Feedback API provides the ability to store "flag" based data that you may need from your users. Some examples would be Likes, Votes, Ratings, Approval/Disapproval, etc. The API is built to be lightweight and fast to add and retrieve data on the fly. It is also built in a generic way so that you can "Flag" any content you may want to track in any custom scenario.

User Profile API

The user profile API provides the ability to interact with the User Content section of User Generated Content without having to custom code standard usage scenarios. The user profile API provides simple authentication, authentication validation and password reset.

UGC Comments API

Comments can be enabled on a content definition, or UGC Record Type. When Comments are enabled a new UGC Comment Record Type will be created to store the comment content items.


In order to authenticate to the UGC API, you need to use an API Key and Password.  This can be obtained by contacting us at


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