This object is used to save rating feedback into the Feedback API system. Note that the ReferenceName, FeedbackContentType and SubmissionType values are used as a Unique Key to group all feedback entries containing those values together. This grouping provides the ability to quickly retrieve data from the system as long as searches are done on the grouping values.

ReferenceName A key to group your feedback data into, for example “BlogEntries”. This reference name should match the content reference name of the data you are posting feedback to but is not a requirement. If this is set to the same reference name feedback data will be available within the Agility Content Manager when viewing specific content item
ContentType The content type of the data you are providing feedback on, either WCM, UGC or Custom. Similarly to the reference name property you should set this properly to get data to appear properly within the Content Manager.
SubmissionType The submission type is the specific Rating feedback type you are trying to save. Rating Feedback Types are only allowed to be a “Rating” or “Custom” SubmissionType. If this value is not set the value will default to “Rating” when calling SaveRatingFeedback().
RelatedContentID This is the ID of the content that is receiving the feedback
RatingValue The value to save as the rating for this feedback entry.
RatingFeedbackID The ID that is set when a feedback entry is saved (Primary Key)
FeedbackTypeID The Group ID of the feedback entry (this will be the same for all entries that have the same ReferenceName + ContentType + SubmissionType)
ProfileRecordID The UGC Profile ID of the user who submitted the Feedback
ExternalProfileID A custom string used to track which user submitted the feedback if not using UGC profiles
CreatedOn Value the Feedback Entry was submitted
RequiresAuthentication Value that defines if the Feedback Requires a user to be authenticated before submitting an entry.
SubmissionIntervalUnit This property sets the interval unit when restricting the number of feedback entries per item is allowed per user. (hour, day, minute, etc)
SubmissionIntervalValue The interval value to use along with the SubmissionIntervalUnit (1 day, 1 hour, etc)


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