User Profile API

The user profile API provides the ability to interact with the User Content section of User Generated Content without having to custom code standard usage scenarios. The user profile API provides simple authentication, authentication validation and password reset.

The API is available in the OData Service Operations, WCF API and REST API.

NOTE: Previous versions of Agility UGC only supported the User Profile API through the OData API. The API has been extended to be supported by the WCF and REST API's.

Authenticate(string profileTypeName, string login, string password)
The Authenticate method is used to authorize a user against a particular User Content Profile Type. For this method to work it is required that there exists a field marked as a login field and a field marked as a password field within the user profile record type.
IsAuthenticated(string authenticationToken, string profileRecordType)
The IsAuthenticated Method is used to check a Authentication token that was generated with the Authenticate method. The result that is returned is a fully qualified DataServiceAuthorization object which can be used to authenticate with the UGC API on behalf of the currently logged in user.
ChangePassword(int profileRecordID, string currentPassword, string newPassword)
The ChangePassword method is used to change a current users password. This method requires a valid users profileRecordID and their current password. If those match properly the password will be changed to the newPassword variable. Please note that passwords are encrypted with the UGC database.
RetrievePassword(string profileTypeName, string login)
The RetrievePassword method is used to retrieve a password for a current user. This method will send an email to the requested user login with their password credentials. For this method to work the user profile type must have a field marked as an Email Field which is properly populated. By default the current password is sent to the user. If configured in Agility the password can be automatically reset when this call is made.


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