Is there way to get a list of static value options from dropdown field?

Posted by Giovanni Mattucci on August 31, 2016

I have a dropdown list defined in Agility of static value options.

How would I get a list of the options a user has to chose from in my .NET application?

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Awesome thanks James :)
Posted By: Giovanni Mattucci

Hi Giovanni,

The values defined in your "dropdown" field type actually doesn't get exposed to the website. The only value that gets exposed to the website is the selected value (if any). For your use case, i'd recommend using a Linked Content field type and using something like a Key/Value pair content definition. That way on the website you can get the selected value (by ID) and then also get the other values from the list.

Posted By: James Vidler

I believe I can use HashSet<T>, if I can't get the options directly from Agility.
Posted By: Giovanni Mattucci

I basically want to iterate through and break up the data by each of those separate options to make them "headings" on the page. If I had a list of all the different options, I could iterate by those values.
Posted By: Giovanni Mattucci

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