Don't autofocus permission request

Posted by victor grant on August 8, 2017

Hello Guys,

In recent times, more and more sites have started asking for notification permissions, many of which are visited only once and therefore don't need that permission. But when a user first navigates to these, the entire page freezes until the permission is either granted or denied. This is bad, because a) it requires an extra click when the user actually wants to immediately interact with the page itself. b) it forces a decision before the user has had a chance to interact and therefore evaluate whether the permission should be granted. c) on very large monitors (eg. 40 inch 4K), the user is not necessarily aware of the popup until looking for it, since it is positioned at the very top - they will think the page has frozen. As far as I'm aware Chrome has an implementation that pops these up from the address bar without giving them focus.


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