DB issue help with question to hosting co

Posted by Michael Smith on May 7, 2018


Hi not directly related to a phpbb problem but any help would be gratefully received.
phpbb forum hosted with present hosting co for several years with no real problems. I have in the past suffered with slow posting but it only lasted a for a few mins. As I'm on shared hosting some other site hammering the db server is something you have to live with.
But for the past week+ static content served fast, forum db reads E.G forum list, posts ect serve as normal, fast, but when posting a new post it takes 20-30 second to return the page, causing double/treble posts and complaints from members.
Am I correct in thinking that the DB server could be the problem? I have asked my hosting co [via online chat] but all they say is "There are no issues with the DB servers at the moment"

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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