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Posted by kevin spade on June 13, 2018


I am currently in the process of opening a forum, which I expect to be quite popular. I am using a shared hosting plan with ipower (i know what you are thinking and have read the horror stories about them)the question I have is this, While in the process of setting up this forum I have been getting 500 internal server errors that make it unusable. After a period of 3-30 seconds it will start working again. I have contacted them several times about this, and they always tell me the same thing which is "It's working fine on our end" which gets me nowhere (it is an intermittent problem so of course it works for them)Now they are telling me I have hit the limits for mysql queries, which they have recently set at a max of 50,000 per hour. I don't see how I could be maxing out that many queries per hour when its just me, and one moderator setting up the site. I have the board set to disabled while we are configuring it. Is this really possible? I know based upon the my average per page queries of 5-15, using 15 for my math that if I have 100 users on, they will only be able to load 33 pages per hour.. should I be alarmed, do I need to move my hosting. and if so, what do you all recommend I do.. I can go VPS, i don't want to pay for dedicated. I am launching the forum tomorrow so this is something I would really like to sort out ahead of time, as opposed to letting it become a real issue and have to fix it after making new members upset..If i do go VPS, what would you advise for monthly bandwidth and disk space?

Please help.

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