What is Agility?

Let's start with the most basic information. Agility is a SaaS based software platform that is hosted in Microsoft Azure. It is built from the ground up in ASP.NET and allows you to build websites, and mobile sites, as well power content to mobile applications including a variety of social platforms.  For websites and mobile sites, Agility provides an ASP.NET Framework that can be used with either Web Forms or MVC.  For these as well as the other platforms Agility provides a number of API layers in order to make integration with external systems a breeze.

Agility includes the Agility Content Manager which is the online tool to log into and manage your content. It also includes a Content Server which is responsible for publishing content to the various digital channels.  This is usually accessed through the Agility.Web.Dll or through the direct API’s.

Agility also includes a Web Content Management (WCM) Component and a User Generated Content (UGC) Component.  WCM specializes in publishing content out to various digital channels, while UGC specializes in retrieving and moderating content that comes in from the websites including website profiles and other social media content.

Web Content Management (WCM) and User Generated Content (UGC)

As mentioned above, Agility is broken down into two primary components: The Web Content Management tools and the User Generated Content tools.

Web Content Management

The Agility Web Content Management component is used as a foundation for websites and mobile sites.  It is similar to other web content management tools, but is cloud-based, more flexible than many template-based CMS's and much more intuitive for end users.  It is based in ASP.net.

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User Generated Content

The Agility User Generated Content component is used to add comments, ratings, reviews and voting to websites, mobile sites, mobile apps and social media pages.  It is also frequently used for UGC contests.  This component has an open API that is compatible with all programming languages, so you can use it as a back-end for a system in ASP.net, PHP, Flash, or other technology.

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You can use the Web Content Management and User Generated Content components together in the same application or use each individually.


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